How do i integrate your ads to my site

For a publisher we have various options for integration. They include the regular Javascript tags, iFrame tags as well as PHP tags to boot

How long do you take to make payment?

We pay our publishers promptly and on an industry standard net 30 basis. We do not need you to make the request for payment before it's issued. However it's advisable that it's done in order to speed up the payment process

What Type of Ads do you serve?

We serve all mainstream ads. These include banner, rich media, video and all forms of secure ads. We ensure that our ads are non-intrusive and ensure the best user experience

How many banners can i include in on my site?

We recommend that a banner is kept at least on the home page of your website or app. We also have a maximum of three (3) banners included per page

What are your policies that are not to be violated?

There should be no clicking of ads. Any false click is deductible and if it's discovered, your earnings can be risked. Multiple cased banners to increase impression count are prohibited. Placing of ads in a different domain from registered domain is not accepted Placing of ads on pages with no content is not allowed. Violating these pose a risk of having all your earnings withheld or deducted.

What happens if you don't include your payment details

In the case of your banking details not being included, the payments would be rolled over to the next payment method. Once the details are included, all payments are made at the due date.

What happens when Ad policies are violated

Violated policies are communicated to the publisher via mail or other means. If the publisher doesn't make ammends to that, there can be the following applied: 1. Disabling of the account 2. Withholding all payments 3. Removal from being accessed by premium advertisers