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Ceepass Finance
BlockFinex Crypto
Viable-X Agribusiness
Stanbic IBTC Bank
Farm4me Investment

What do we do?

Cybertron ads is a platform that has experience and ability to serve in all aspects of the modern advertising sphere today. However we're not a jack-of-all trades platform. We have specialized services which we offer to brands and agencies which from experience is most likely assured to leave all parties satisfied and partnering for a long time. These are categorized into

  • Customer Acquistion in terms of reach, interactions and conversions
  • Managed KPI driven advertising accounts for Agencies
  • SAAS in terms of Whitelabelling, Agency advertiser management platforms etc.

Our platform incorporates all aspects of a successful campaign from rich creatives, optimizting tech support on platforms, conversions, app installations, programmatic targeting and lots more.

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Our key watch word is customer satisfaction. Here are some of our standout services we offer that cut across customers

Extensive and Diverse Reach

Achieve the best mix of advertising reach from our owned and operated traffic as well as from ad exchanges and OEM sources which cut across over 160+ countries worldwide

Campaign Optimization and Targeting

Move a step further with our extensive reach to targeting your key demgraphic as well as gaining on previously unexplored markets

App Installs and Lead Generation

We help drive output on your spend via targeted App installs and Leads which later gain conversion to sales and future customers

Rich Media Creatives

Cybertron ads isn't all about the numbers and all. We also provide Rich 3D media creatives that make your campaigns stand out as well as be as aesthetically pleasing as well

Why work with us?

Here are just some easy reasons to go.

  • While this goes unsaid in most cases, we drive to provide performance in aspects of advertising that are very much heralded as difficult such as App installs, Lead Generation, achieveing high CTR's and much more.

  • 02 Performance outside of mainstream campaigns

    There's a common saying in which "customer is king" rings true. In the case of advertising, we also believe "campaign success is key", that's why we ensure that all campaigns fulfil the parameters set and more. We have an extensive performance on campaigns that have difficult to source inventory such as alcohol, betting as well as crypto. Also note that proper checks and protocols are carried out before camapign commencement in order to achieve the desired results.

  • This would especially ring true with agencies and managed platforms. We ensure that while we do business together, we do not poach introduced clients or clients who run exclusively on your platform. There's an open door policy which has worked for us and we intend on keeping to such.


How well we do on various metrics

Lets take a look at what you'll be getting with us

Programmatics and Targeting
Collaboration and Customer Support
Campaign and Product Optimization
Creativity and Aesthethics

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